Maintaining Health

One of the most important things in the life of a person is health, of self and of near and dear ones. But in this fast paced life, how can anybody care for his or her well being. That’s a big question. However, there are certain simple ways to add up positivity in ones life by following minimum criteria.

Eat healthy

This is a obvious fact that for overall well being of a person, the food matters a lot. In fact, we are what we eat. In the ancient Indian literature, food is divided into three forms which is followed even today also:

  1. Sattvic: All those foods that are obtained directly from nature such as fruits, vegetables (raw or boiled), cereals, millets, lentils or modified only little bit such as roti, juice, coconut water, unpolished rice etc. are termed sattvic. These category of food keeps a person fresh up to a longer time period. One do not feel lethargic, dull or hyperactive. It detoxifies the body system and brings inner peace.
  2. Rajasic: Food which we take to satiate our tastebuds are rajasic. this include spices, onions, preserved food, fast food, non-vegetarian food, alcohol etc. When taken in excess these stimulates the body and mind increasing restlessness, anger, annoyance.
  3. Tamasic: Under this category are those food which we modify extremely to increase taste and shelf life. Examples are oily food, stale food, overly salty and sugary food. Food that is eaten after keeping overnight or in the refrigerator also comes under this category. These food are actually heavy to the digestive system. These can blur the mind, makes one dull, lethargic and inactive.

From the above description we are clear about some foods that we eat and what kind of effect these can cause. It is not possible to avoid any of the Rajasic or Tamasic foods entirely, as everybody is busy nowadays. But one can surely lessen or increase the intake of the food under any of the above categories by adhering to certain rules. For example if I decide that every fortnightly, our family lunch and dinner will consist of fruits, vegetables, unpolished rice or roti and the like, and gradually modifying the routine according to the needs. This can be experimented.

Physical exercise and meditation

Keeping ourself active is necessary. This can be done by doing some physical work or being socially active, means participating in societal works. All the mothers are every time busy with the household chores and their kids. Another function which is achieved by keeping ourself busy is we can avoid illogical and destructive gossip as well. As a result, we can keep ourself away from negative people also. Meditation is very important for every age group. Together with yoga, it soothes the body and mind.

Avoid negative thought

Negative thoughts are there in every person’s mind. But in certain types such as introverts, who can’t open up, who have a limited number of people around who they can trust, negative thoughts are more frequent. And it becomes more relevant when they are surrounded by negative people. In the Indian context, it can be generally seen in daughter-in-laws surrounded by complaining in laws. In certain areas of the subcontinent, newly weds are completely cut off from family and friends, she cannot open up to anyone, nobody is there to share, whom she can rely upon. They forget how to laugh and smile even. Life becomes impossible. In certain instances extreme steps are taken. This is because negativity started at certain point of time. There was nobody to counsel her. Most of the women accept the situation for rest of their life, but everybody cannot. That’s why rather than money or job, the bride and groom should be matched for their thoughts in arranged marriages. The parents and society is accountable in this matter. Even after taking precautions sometime unfortunate consequences happen. Forcible marriages should be stopped totally.

These are some ideas to maintain personal health and well being of a person that I have experienced. More to come. Do let me know if you have any……

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